Every pet has different needs. Because of this we charge a flat rate of $50 per hour for our services.

Our goal is to get your pet in and out in as short a period of time as possible! A haircut includes a warm bath, shampoo and conditioner, the toenails clipped, and ears cleaned, as well as the haircut you discuss with your stylist. Additional services such as nail grinding and teeth brushing can be included for an additional fee.

All baths include shampoo and conditioner, the toenails clipped and ears cleaned, as well as a face, feet, and sanitary trim as needed.

Most small dogs like a yorkie or shitzu take about an hour to groom. Most small dog baths only take a half our and start at $25 .

Grooming times can very depending on the condition of the coat, technicality of the clip, age of the pet, and temperament. because of this the cost of your pets grooming may vary from time to time. We recommend working with your stylist to find a grooming schedule that works for you and your pet to keep costs consistent. 

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