Madison grew up training and grooming her poodle mixes. She's spent two years training proffesionally alongside her three years of working as a brusher/bather, before joining us here at doggies divine for her grooming apprenticeship, where she continues to develop her skill daily. With an eye for creativity, Madison is very interested in Asian style grooms and always excited to learn and perfect unique breed clips.


We are always accepting applications!

Are you a pet groomer looking for a new place to call "home"?
Doggies Divine is always looking for new talent!
An ideal applicant will be a pet lover who is dedicated to their job, self-motivated,
driven by excellent customer service and the desire to cultivate their talent.

You can send your resume, before/after portfolio, and contact information to
(Then give us a call and tell us it's there so we can get back to you ASAP!)


Danielle joined the Doggies Divine family in 2010, and we couldn't be happier! She has always been an extremely compassionate pet lover, from a very young age. She's an adventurous stylist and excels in thinking outside the box, including working with color. Danielle stays updated on all of the current trends and is happy to work with pets of all sizes and experience levels.


Kit has over ten years grooming experience having started her career working at a vet's office working on cats who are matted, old, or have behavorial issues. Her method of grooming puts the needs of the animal over the "just get it done" attitude. Taking her time with each pet, she takes care to get to know each individual personality and build a trusting rapport with your pet.


Yvonne is our resident out of towner. Growing up on a farm in Arkansas, she has always had a passion for animals and animal care. With 6 years grooming experience under her belt, she has focused her interest on nervous and senior pets. She works at a much slower pace than our other groomers and allows for pets to have time to rest or adjust to the grooming process as needed.


The daughter of Teresa, Janell is another one of our "home-grown" stylist! She was raised in the show dog circuit and grooming salon under the careful guidance of her mother. With extensive knowledge of dog breeds, Janell is sure to help you find the clip that best suits your pet.

Our Team

Judy graduated the San Diego School of Dog Grooming in 1979, demonstrating an excellence in hand-scissor work with a passion for Poodles and Bichons. She later instructed stylists and bathers in all skills at The Classy Canine School of Dog Grooming, eventually opening her own salon in North Park San Diego. After selling her salon, she managed a very busy, very popular doggie daycare and boarding facility in North County. It wasn't long before she felt that familiar itch to groom again. She and her sister, Teresa, are a force to be reckoned with on the grooming floor, which is why Doggies Divine is so excellent! While all of our stylists work with color, we refer to Judy as "the" colorist; she provides phenomenal flair for any pet. She welcomes inexperienced and senior pets with a patient and steady hand, providing them with a comfortable, minimal stress experience.


The daughter of Judy, Heather is one of our "home-grown" stylists! Raised underfoot in a grooming salon, she learned the trade at a young age, and finds working with pets to be of second nature. Heather has been at Doggies Divine since we opened in 2009. She shows an unsurpassed attention to detail and enjoys all grooming styles and clips, staying current on all of the trends in the pet styling industry. Heather works with pets of all sizes and truly enjoys her job.

Teresa graduated the San Diego School of Dog Grooming in 1979, finding herself so passionate about grooming that she opened her private salon, The Classy Canine, in 1986. When San Diego lost the only local accredited teaching salon, Teresa began teaching stylists and bathers in all skills, becoming The Classy Canine School of Dog Grooming. Teresa specializes in personality clips -- a clip that may not meet the standard version of "normal" but suits the dog it's on to a "T"! She is San Diego's recommended stylist for the Yorkie Club of America and welcomes inexperienced and senior pets with a patient and steady hand, providing them with a comfortable, minimal stress experience.