Every pet has different needs.

Because of this we charge a flat rate of $50 per hour for our services.

Grooming times can very depending on the condition of the coat, technicality of the clip, age of the pet, and temperament. because of this the cost of your pets grooming may vary from time to time. We recommend working with your stylist to find a grooming schedule that works for you and your pet to keep costs consistent. 


Remember that weekends and holidays are exceptionally busy, so booking in advance is ALWAYS recommended!


To help you understand how that works,

here is a breakdown of that pricing:

30 min - $25

45 min - $37.50

1 hr - $50

1 hr 15 min - $62.50

1.5 hr - $75

1 hr 45 min - $87.50

2hrs - $100

and so on and so forth.


Additional services can be added on to your bath or groom as well.


Add on services are priced as below:

Nail grinding - $5

Teeth Brushing - $5

flea shampoo - $5

Medicated Shampoo - $5

Nail Pawlish (2 paws) - $5

Deshed small breed - $10

Deshed medium breed - $15

Deshed Large breed - $20

Custom Color - quotes starting at $25

Please stop by between 12pm-1pm with your pet prior to scheduling an appointment to request and discuss design and pricing for the custom color you have in mind.